The kitchen can be an often-overlooked space to revitalize in a home. Some households rarely cook, or keep their kitchen in a tucked-away room which may not see many guests. However, a new kitchen can completely invigorate a home, and open up a new world of possibilities when it comes to hosting neighbors, coworkers, and loved ones.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets – Styles

Before deciding on a specific material for your cabinets, it can be wise to pick a style that will suit your home best. Your decor, the current appearance of the rest of your home, and the features you’re looking for in your kitchen are all important considerations alongside aesthetics.


This style can be accomplished with any number of sleek, smooth materials, though metal or hardwood can be especially eye-catching. Far from cold or unwelcoming, modern kitchen cabinets can serve as a neutral backdrop to allow other features of your home to truly shine.

For cooks who want to not only impress, but perform at their best in a kitchen tailor-made for their needs, a modern cabinet ensemble can be an ironclad choice.


Often made out of hardwood or laminate and best paired with stone or tile counters, country-style cabinets can invoke a sense of rustic charm and comfort instantly. When guests see such a kitchen, they know it’s a well-used central space in the home.

Country-style cabinets in Florida may as well be as classic a combination as ice cream and warm apple pie. Whether you want a little bit of country in your downtown apartment or a lot of coziness in your country cabin, nobody can deny the appeal.


A rare sight in many kitchens, glass-front cabinets can be a perfect accent for kitchens with a collection of china or precious heirloom cookware. While a standalone china cabinet can be suitable for some, glass cabinets can save up floor space and better protect your collection. Cabinets affixed to the wall aren’t nearly as likely to topple over due to rowdy kids or pets!

While more expensive in terms of materials than other options, and somewhat more at risk of breaking if placed too close to the floor, glass-front cabinets are nevertheless a worthwhile centerpiece to add to any remodeled kitchen.


If you’ve always dreamed of owning a cast iron oven or a huge, expertly-stocked fridge, an industrial-style kitchen may be the perfect solution for you. Similar to modern cabinets, the industrial style focuses on ease of use, minimalism, and a rustic charm similar to the exposed wood and old-fashioned sensibilities found in the country kitchen.

The best of both worlds, an industrial-style cabinet ensemble can transform your home into the place to host parties that rival any trendy coffee shop or downtown restaurant.


This bold style has been on the rise in new kitchens across the country. Cabinets seamlessly merge with each other at orderly angles to create a wall of smooth drawers and doors. Slab cabinets can come in an appealing range of materials and colors to suit the style you’d like, and best of all, the flat surfaces are easy to clean and repair!

Read our guide on kitchen countertops for even more inspiration!

white kitchen cabinets in florida homeKitchen Cabinet Materials: Costs and Benefits

  • Hardwood and Plywood – A high-quality, sturdy material depending upon the type of lumber being used, hardwood can be the finishing touch in luxury and modest kitchen remodels alike.
  • Metal – By far the sturdiest and easiest to clean out of all other materials listed, metal cabinets can be a workhorse addition to any kitchen, and mix beautifully with a range of styles and other materials. While maintenance and rust prevention can come with their own challenges, alongside the raw cost, metal cabinets remain a very cutting-edge addition to the kitchen.

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