A bathroom remodel can be a huge undertaking, but is an extremely worthwhile one! A bathroom renovation can increase the overall function, design, and resale value of your home. It is common knowledge in the real estate industry that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes; a bathroom remodel can be considered an investment opportunity, but one you get to presently enjoy! With the right advice, a bathroom remodel does not have to be a headache; the following tips can help ease the bathroom remodel process…


1) Plan Sufficiently


  • Your Wants
    Inspiration – Gather inspiration about the types of materials, layout, color scheme, lighting, and hardware you want. Really do your research on this…look at magazines, start a Pinterest board, watch home improvement shows, go to local home improvement stores to see the materials in person, etc. that way you have a good idea about what you want. Keep a folder with pictures and concepts of the types of items you like.
    Functionality – Consider your desired functionality… what are the things you would change to make your life easier? Does your vanity need to be higher? Do you need more outlets? Is your bathroom always cold? Is your tile too slippery? Does it need to be more accessible for the elderly or disabled? Add these items to your folder, so you remember to seek solutions going forward. Solutions, such as, walk-in showers, more vents, heated floors and heated towel racks are among some of the solutions to these issues.
    Maintenance – Different material require different maintenance and some materials are not suitable for bathrooms. Consider the types of materials (wood, marble, granite, etc.) you would like and do some research on what it takes to maintain those types of material. This will give you an idea of the realistic upkeep of your space and may make you reconsider what will be best for you.
    Longevity – Think about how long you will use the space after the remodel. If you are planning on using the space less than five years, you might want to reconsider your must-haves for what is trending. You might also want to consider higher or lower-end finishes depending on how it affects the resale value of your house. Also, consider value for cost when planning your remodel. Thinking about these things can help you get the most value out of your remodel in the long run.
  • Your Budget – How much money is realistic for the project? Often home remodeling television shows lowball the project budget. You’ll also need to budget for unforeseen problems, ie, unseen subfloor water damage, setting a little extra aside. Keep this number in your mind (and folder) going forward, It will help with choosing materials and such later on.

2) Consider Hiring a Professional

bathroom remodel company in clearwaterOnce you have planned out everything you want in your bathroom remodel and how much you would like to spend, look into hiring experienced professionals. Experienced professionals often have beneficial insight that you wouldn’t even thing to consider. They know the ins and outs of material prices and comparisons, costs for different layouts, what can really improve the functionality of your bathroom to meet what you are looking for.

Say, you really want an open walk-in shower for ease of access as you age and you also want a bathroom that won’t be too cold in the winter. A professional will likely suggest having the walk-in shower, but with an easy open glass door to keep the heat in while you shower. You might not have considered those things together, only separately. A professional really has the ability to view the whole picture in light of the details. They can suggest things like having open storage to help you space look bigger, or adding a skylight will help achieve the lighting you want at a much lower cost, or changing your plumbing configuration to fit your desired layout will blow your budget. Hiring professionals can help you ensure you will have a realistic layout and design for what you want within in your budget.

About Bronson Home Services
Bronson Home Services values communication and will ask you questions and listen to your concerns in an effort to ensure you are getting the perfect bathroom remodel. We assure quality craftsmanship throughout the entire process and a project schedule that fits your family activities with as little disruption as possible. We would be happy to work with you on your bathroom remodel!

3) Consider These Finishing Touches

A popular home décor style in our area is the craftsman style, a style marked by a minimalist, clean, but vintage and warm design. This style often incorporates warm colors with subtle grey undertones and wooden accents.

  • Cost Saving Finishing Touches
  • Wooden Accents
    Look for reclaimed or salvaged wood. Excavators and reclaimed lumber dealers offer wood at a portion of the cost for new wood (sometimes for free).
    Consider framing your mirror. This will add a stylistic touch to the design while also hiding any age from years of use.
  • Tile Leftovers – Once you find a tile you like, look online (eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) for people trying to get rid of leftover tile from their completed projects. This can help save on some of the cost from buying it all from the store.
  • Update Instead of Buying New – Consider updating your toilet seat and lid (maybe in wood to go with the farmhouse look) instead of buying a whole new toilet. If you like your bathtub, but it looks worn, consider refinishing it instead of getting a new one.


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